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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996  

Selected Articles from Valira Torrent

Your reference to our published articles on Andorra and its stamps.

The reference before each item is the issue and page where published in Valira Torrent. Quote the issue if ordering back numbers.

The articles are presented as originally published. In some cases the information in them may be superseded by more recent discoveries. Additional illustration has been added to some items.

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  Subject Index to Issues 1-43 - compiled by David Hope
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Postal History | General Interest | Stamp Designs/Thematic

Stamp Design/Thematic

1/6 (Jan 1975) The Flower Stamps of Andorra - by J. Mashiter
Botanical information on Andorra stamps issued up to 1975

2/6 (Nov 1975) The Philatelic birds of Andorra - by W. D. Bent
Ornithological information on Andorra stamps issued up to 1975

5/1 (Mar 1977) The Andorran Coat of Arms - by W. D. Bent
An attempt to explain the varying versions of the coat of arms as depicted on Andorran stamps.

7/4 (Mar 1978) A Famous Andorran - by Jean Bacquer
An account of the origins of Guillem de Areny y de Plandolit, author of the New Reform of 1866.

8/8 (Nov 1978) Spanish Bureau "Customs" of 1972
Gibbons Catalogue describes the 1pta as "St Anthony Singers". The stamp actually depicts an auction of charcuterie.

9/8 (Mar 1979) Notes on Stamps Designs - The Altar Screen of St Jean de Caselles
An account of the scenes depicted on the 12 stamps of the French Bureau.

10/7 (Oct 1979) French Andorra 1979 Europa

11/2 (Apr 1980) Recent Nature Protection Series by W. D. Bent
Covering the issues of 1978 and 1979

11/3 (Apr 1980) The Flower Stamps of Andorra by John Mashiter
Covering the issue of 1975

11/9 (Apr 1980) Stamp Designs - The 1972 2ptas Christmas (Pessebre Vivent)
Story of the stamp depicting the "Living Crib" tradition of Engordany.

13/5 (Mar 1981) The Flower Stamps of Andorra by John Mashiter
Covering the French Bureau issues of 1980.

14/4 (Oct 1981) Nature Protection Series 1981 - by W. D. Bent

17/9 (Mar 1983) Stamp Designs - The Cross with Seven Arms

17/5 (Mar 1983) Telstar - the 1st Transatlantic Television Satelite - by Ray Dixon
History of early communications satelites.

22/2 (Nov 1985) St Cerni de Nagol - by D. Hope

22/3 (Nov 1985) Historic Features of Andorra - by David Hope
Covering the Iron Forge, Mill, Cheesery, and Bordes de Mereig issues.

22/10 (Nov 1985) Collecting Maximum Cards - by Carlos Romo

24/6 (Oct 1986) Europa 1985 - by David Hope
The French Bureau issue with European Music Year theme.

24/10 (Oct 1986) Nature Protection - by W. D. Bent
Covering the Spanish Bureau (fungi) and French Bureau Europa of 1986.

35/2 (Mar 1992) The Chapel of Sant Romà dels Vilars - by David Hope

35/2 (Mar 1992) Holy Mother of the Remedy of Sant Julià and Sant Germà

35/3 (Mar 1992) Small Bottles from the Tombs of Sant Vicenç d'Enclar

35/11 (Mar 1992) Nature Protection - by W. D. Bent
Covering the 1990 and 1991 mushroom stamps of the Spanish Bureau.

36/6 (Nov 1992) Church of St Andreu - by David Hope

36/6 (Nov 1992) Winter Olympics

36/6 (Nov 1992) Altar-piece in Santa Eulalia, Encamp

37/2 (Apr 1993) Bureau of Social Security - 25 Years - by David Hope
Describing the sculptures commissioned for the anniversary and subsequently featured on stamps.

37/2 (Apr 1993) Ordino Arcalis
Describing the "Ring of Stainless Steel" sculpture.

37/3 (Apr 1993) Pétanque - World Championships
Commemorating the game also known as Boules.

37/12 (Apr 1993) Nature Protection - by W. D. Bent
Covering the Sheep, Cattle, Globe Flower and Griffon Vulture issues.

38/4 (Nov 1993) Nature Protection - by W. D. Bent
Covering the 1993 mushroom issue of the Spanish Bureau.

38/4 (Nov 1993) Urgel Cathedral - by W. D. Bent

38/6 (Nov 1993) Europa 1983 - by David Hope
Two more of the modern sculptures commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the Bureau of Social Security.

38/6 (Nov 1993) Storm in a Teacup
Another of the sculptures.

38/7 (Nov 1993) Skiing
Describing the resorts depicted in the French Bureau tryptichs.

38/8 (Nov 1993) Tour de France 1983

38/8 (Nov 1993) The Andorran School

39/6 (Apr 1994) Adéu, Vegueria Episcopal! - by David Lamb
A look back at the issues of the Vegueria at the time when it ceased to exist with the advent of the new Andorran constitution.

39/8 (Apr 1994) More Sculpture - by David Hope
Two more of the sculptures commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the Bureau of Social Security.

41/10 (Apr 1995) Spanish Bureau - First Day Cancellations
Error in one of 3 FD cancellations for 1994 Nature (mushroom) stamps

47/2 (Mar 1998) Andorran Legends - by David Hope
Story of the Virgin of Meritxell, the Seven Branched Cross of Prats and the Battle of Seturia (la Font de l'Esmelicat)

47/8 (Mar 1998) Spanish Co-Princes of Andorra - by David hope
Short biographies of the Bishops of Urgel who have appeared on stamps.

48/3 (Oct 1998) Design Amendments - French Bureau Issues - by D. C. Lamb
A study of differences between pre-release publicity photos and the issued stamps.

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