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Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 8, p3 (Nov 1978).

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The Proposed Air Service of 1932

(supplement to "Andorra Andorre", Page 23

Although the special stamps prepared in connection with the proposed airline are well known, information has always been lacking concerning the identity of the gentleman who financed the project, and the type of aircraft used on the experimental flights. Now, thanks to a fine piece of sleuthing by our member Mr. C. D. Romo of Mount Shasta, California, these details can at last be given, from a first hand source. Mr. Romo recently succeeded in tracing the pilot's widow, now residing in Switzerland, from whom he has received an interesting letter, part of which is as follows:-

"On the 7th January, 1932 my husband made the first of the trial flights, which had to be continued for twelve weeks, and on the 29th April he made the last one in order to obtain government permission, according to the conditions which had been stipulated, to create the air-line from Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) to Seu d'Urgell.

The Air-line was financed by Senor JAUME NADAL, who died of a heart attack in Seu d'Urgell on the very day that he was to sign the contract. The 'plane used on the first flights was a two-seater MOTH CIRRUS, but afterwards my husband acquired a larger 'plane, a six-seater FARMAN with Hispano engine.

This information comes from a book which my husband wrote on the history of civil aviation in Catalunya, from 1916-1936, which we have never been able to get published .....

My husband's name was JOSEP CANUDAS BUSQUET. On his trial flights he carried various journalists, the mayor of Barcelona, and councillors of the Catalan parliament."

Thank you very much for this information, Mr. Romo, and our congratulations to you on the superb detective work which led to its becoming available after the passing of nearly half a century.

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