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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

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Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 7 p2 (March 1978).

A. P. S. C. Rules

As reported in the last bulletin it was agreed at the A.G.M. in April 1977 to revise the rules of the Circle. This has been done by members D. Hope Esq. and E. J. Jewell Esq., and our thanks go to them for the clarity, simplicity and the comprehensive nature of the proposed new rules. These revised rules are listed below and if members have any comments, proposals, alterations, additions or deletions would they please advise the Secretary immediately, or bring them to the A.G.M. in April, when discussion on these rules will take place with a view to adoption.

1. The Society shall be called the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle.
2. The Objects of the Society shall be to further the study and enjoyment of Andorran philately through meetings and the publication of news letters etc.
3. a) Application for membership shall be made to the Hon. Secretary on the appropriate application form and accompanied by the annual subscription.
b) An application for membership may be refused by the Committee without a reason being given. Upon election a new member shall receive a copy of the rules and shall be bound by them.
4. The annual subscription shall be determined by the A.G.M. In the absence of any decision the subscription payable shall be the same as that for the previous year.
5. A member shall be considered a subscriber for the ensuing year unless his resignation, in writing, has been sent by post or handed to the Hon. Secretary one month prior to the date on which the annual subscription shall be due.
Suspension of Members.
6. a) A member may be suspended for nonpayment of his subscription and if, after two written requests for such, failing reasonable excuse, shall be liable to removal from the membership list without further notice.
b) Any member whose actions are considered detrimental to the interests and objects of the Circle shall be requested to resign or, if necessary, be expelled. Such action to be taken by the Committee and confirmed by the A.G.M.
7. a) The Committee shall consist of the Sindic, Deputy Sindic, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and up to five members and shall have power to co-opt. The Committee shall hold office until resignation or the next A.G.M. All officers and members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
b) The Committee may recommend to the A.G.M. the election of Honorary Life Members who shall not be required to pay any fee or subscription.
c) Anything not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decisions shall be final.
Note:The 1983 AGM amended Rule 7. The period of office of the Syndic is now two years with the Deputy Syndic taking over after this period if he/she wishes.
8. An Hon. Auditor shall be appointed by the Committee subject to the sanction of the A.G.M. with power to audit all the accounts of the Circle.
9. a) The Annual General Meeting of the Circle shall be held not later than April each year unless decided otherwise at the previous A.G.M. Included in the business of the meeting there shall be consideration of the financial Statument, the election of officers and committee, and any other business. All members must be notified of the date and place of the A.G.M. at least two weeks in advance.
b) A special General Meeting for a special purpose may be called by the Committee or on the request in writing of any eight members stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. All members must be notified of the date and place of such a meeting at least two weeks in advance.
c) Any regional meetings may be arranged with the approval of the Committee.
10. a) The Sindic, or the Hon. Secretary, shall be informed of any change of address. All notices posted to the address in the Circle's books shall be deemed to have been delivered.
b) Notification of meetings and other events published in the "Valira Torrent" shall be deemed as official notices to members.
Certificates of Merit.
11. a) The Circle shall award Certificates of Merit to members who are deemed to have promoted the interests of Andorran Philately.
b) The award of certificates shall be decided at the A.G.M.
c) Nominations for certificates, duly proposed and seconded with a reason for the nomination, shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary at least two weeks before the A.G.M.
Dissolution of the Circle.
12. If a resolution to dissolve the Circle is supported by threequarters of the members present at an A.G.M. or a Special Meeting called to consider such a resolution, the Circle shall be dissolved, and the funds and assets of the Circle, after payment of the outstanding accounts, shall be disposed of as the meeting may decide.
Amendment of Rules.
l3. No alteration shall be made to these rules unless a notice of amendment, duly proposed and seconded shall be received by the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before the A.G.M. or a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

The Rules as set out in the above draft were adopted at the 1979 A.G.M.

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