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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

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Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 7 p10 (March 1979).

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Defective Presse Numbers

by W. A. Jacques

Readers may recall a small paragraph on the above subject in the Addenda of the handbook, Andorra/Andorre (page 63). I quote as follows:-

"A variety concerning the Presse (machine) number has been seen on the 60c. Arms value (F130 type B) of 1944. The normal Presse inscription for sheets with coin-daté 20/9/44 is "2IL" but on one sheet of the cylinder the inscription is "2 L". This variety occurs on sheet No. 41814 but it is not known how many sheets were printed before the defect was noticed."

I have since been fortunate to see three more examples of this type of variety. The details are as follows:-

194460c Arms (F130 type B)"2 L" sheet number 43604
80c Arms (F132 type B)"2 L" sheet number 34778
1937l0c Arms (F101)"C 1" sheet number 35367

The 1944 machine markings of the 60c and 80c values should be "2 I L" and although I do not have the coins-datés attached to these particular pieces they will undoubtedly be 20/9/44 for both values. The 1937 10c is rather more difficult but I believe the Presse number should be "IC 1", and if so, it is from the first printing of 5/12/36. I would be very grateful to hear from other members who have similar varieties in their collections.


FRENCH BUREAU. 1931 30c green Sower value. In his excellent book "L'Impression des Timbres Français par les Rotatives" by Baron de Vinck de Winnezeele, he lists this value as having been printed by Presse No. 8. The editor, however, has a relevant gutter with Presse No. 2. Can any member confirm either of these two Presse numbers please?

Note: It has now been established that all values with the coin-daté 9/44 exist with the defective "2 L" presse number on one sheet of the cylinder. (Valira Torrent no 8, p10)

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