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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 6, p9 (Nov 1977).

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Spanish Andorra 1977 Europa

3pta Ansalonge 12pta Xuclar

A brief study of this issue, released on May 2nd, has revealed several new characteristics not previously noted on recent Andorran commemoratives. Both values - the 3pta Ansalonge and the l2pta Xuclar are printed in sheets of 50 (5x10) - previous commemoratives were printed in sheets of 80 (8x10 or 10x8). It seems possible that there are two panes of 50 subjects per value. The most amazing fact about these sheets is that in one vertical margin of either value there is a colour register. This vertical register virtually stretches the whole length of the sheet, and is approx. 36.5cm long! On the 3pta value it is on the right side of the sheet, and on the l2pta value it is on the left side of the sheet. The inscription "'GRETAG U/SWITZERLAND c" appears three or four times per sheet in the colour register.

There are a few constant minor varieties on the 3pta value:- Row 2/5 small break in top frame line; Row 8/5 small break in right frame line; Row 9/1, 10/1 black spots to right of value; Row 3/4 "Sheep on the hillside" (four additional pink spots on the background).

There are also a few small blobs of colour (red) dotted over the sheet. Both values are comb per 13 and printed at the F.N.M.T. Madrid and have the usual sheet numbers in the top right corner. However, there are no other additional check numbers in other margins as there were in previous issues.

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