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Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 6, pp10-12 (Nov 1977).

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Artists Proofs of the Issues of the French Post Offices in Andorra

By D. C. Lamb

A short article appeared in Issue No 2 of the Torrent (November 1975; VT2/9 ) under the heading shown above, in which mention was made to the various artists proofs that exist for the French P.O. issues of Andorra. As stated, work was then begun to compile details of all the proofs that were known to exist, and as a result of the joint efforts of various members of the Circle, the first tentative check list is given below. In addition, particular mention must be made of Monsieur Francois Dupré (a member of Philandorre) for his invaluable assistance. It must be emphasised that in no way does this pretend to be complete and that it merely represents the full extent of our knowledge at the moment.

One or two points I would like to mention are:-

  1. This list comprises only artists proofs (épreuves d'artiste) or colour proofs (épreuves de couleur). It does not deal with deluxe proofs, colour essays or imperforate copies of normally issued stamps.
  2. The colours of the proofs have been described to the best of our ability, but in some cases are based only on notes compiled over a period of years, rather than on an actual recent examination of the proof in question.
  3. The size of the proof is given for information only and does not in itself have great importance; it is approximate only and is to the nearest half centimetre.

The following abbreviations are used to describe the proofs:-

I shall be most grateful for any amendments or additions to this list that members are able to make.

Value/Design Details Size
1932/43 Pont de St. Antoni
- dull purple EC 14x11
- brown lake EC 14x11
- carmine rose EC 14x11
- purple brown EC 1705 Lc 14x11
- green EC 14x11
- blue green - ----
Chapelle de Meritxell
- carmine EC 14x11
- orange brown EC 1709 Lor 14x11
- mauve EC 1510 Lx 14x11
- black EA G 13.5x10.5
2f15 black EA G 14x11
2f15 black EA G 12x10
2f25 blue violet EA G 12x11
2f50 blue violet EA G 12x11
4f50 blue EA 12.5x16
Gorge St. Julia
- vermilion EC 1409 Lor 14x11
- blue green EC 1117 Lx 14x11
90c orange brown EA 3x4.5
90c chestnut EA 4.5x6.5
90c black EA 4.5x6
1f blue green EA 3x4.5
2f scarlet EA 3x4.5
2f orange brown EA 3x4.5
3f green EA 3x4.5
St. Miguel D'Engolasters
- pale violet EA G 5x7
- blue EA G 5x7
1932/43 Andorra la Vella
- chocolate EA 10.5x9
- dark brown EA 13x11
- slate violet EA 14x19
- claret EA 8x7
- sepia EA G 8x6
- dark brown EC 1710 14x11
- scarlet EC 1416 14x11
1f50 dp. yell. green EA 13x11
10f dark red EA 13x11
1937 Arms
- scarlet EA G 12x9.5
(1 er etat avant chiffre)
15c scarlet EC 14x11
35c red EA G 12x9.5
1944/51 Arms
10c black EA G 8.5xl3
10c light brown EA G D 11x13
10c brown black EA G/F 12x17
10c dark blue EA G/F 12x17
10c blue EA 12x17
10c red brown EA 12x17
10c scarlet EA 12x17
1f black EA 11.5x13.5
St. Jean de Caselles
- chocolate EA 12.5x9
1f blue EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof' with albino 10f Andorra la Vella below)
1f albino & inv. EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 6f green Andorra la Vella above)
1f20 bright blue EA G 12.5x11.5
1f20 green EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 2f orange brown below)
1f30 ultramarine EA 14.5x11.5
(Unissued value)
1f50 black EE G S 12.5x11
("1 er etat")
1f50 brown lake EA G S 12.5x11
1f50 purple & blue EA 13.5x12
1f50 deep blue EA G 12.5x11
1f50 violet EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 brick red EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 green EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 black EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 purple brown EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 sage green EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 black & green EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 dark red EA G/F 17x12.5
1f50 indigo & dk. blue EA G/F 12.5x11
2f orange brown EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 1f20 green above)
4f black EE 12.5x11
La Maison Des Vallees
2f40 black EA G S 12.5x11
("1 er etat")
2f40 deep blue EE G S 12.5x11
2f40 lt. & dk. brown EA 13.5x11.5
2f40 indigo & dp blue EA G/F 17x12.5
2f40 lt brown & green EA G/F 17x12.5
2f40 lt & dk brown EA G/F 17x12.5
2f40 black EA G/F 17xl2.5
2f50 blue EA 12.5x12.5
("Valeur gravé par Mr. Dufresne")
2f50 black EA 24x16
(Collective proof with 5 & 10f Andorre la Vieille & 25 & 40f Viguier)
3f claret EA G 11x12.5
(Collective proof with 4f green below)
3f50 ultramarine EA 13x11
(Unissued value)
4f green EA 11x12.5
(Collective proof with 3f claret above)
4f50 brown EE 12x11
4f50 blue EA 12x10
5f black EE 12x11
8f black EE 12x11.5
Andorre la Vieille
4f50 sepia EE G S l2.5x11
("1 er etat")
4f50 red brown EA GS 12.5x11
4f50 scarlet EA G S 12.5x11
4f50 violet & blue EA 14x12
4f50 dark blue EA 17x12
4f50 bright green EA 17x12
4f50 maroon & blue EA G/F 17x12
4f50 brown & olive EA G/F 16x12.5
4f50 deep maroon EA G 12x11
5f turquoise EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 15f red brown Viguier above)
5f black EA 24x16
(Collective proof with 2f50 Maison, 10f Andorre & 25f,40f Viguier)
6f apple green EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with inverted albino 1f St. Jean below)
8f sepia EA ----
lOf orange brown EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 20f blue Viguier above)
10f albino EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 1f blue St. Jean above)
lOf black 24x16
(Collective proof with 2f50 Maison 5f Andorre, & 25, 40f Viguier)
12f black EE 12x11
12f chocolate EA 15x12
15f carmine EA 12x11.5
15f red brown EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 5f turquoise Andorre below)
18f black EE 13x11
20f greenish blue EA G 12.5x11
(Collective proof with 10f red brown Andorre below)
25f blue EA 13x12
(valeur grave par Mr Dufresne)
25f black EA 24x16
(collective proof with 2f50 Maison, 10f Andorre & 40f Viguier *)
40f black (see above *)
50f emerald green EA 16.5x12.5
50f red brown EA G S 12.5x11
50f violet EA 13.5x11.5
50f red EA G/F 16.5x12.5
50f blue EA 16.5x12.5
50f dk & lt brown EA 16.5x12.5
50f blue & slate blue EA 16.5xl2.5
l950 Airmail
100f chocolate EC 1706 Lx 14x11
100f black EA 13.5x11.5
100f black EA G 13.5x11.5
100f ultramarine EA G 12.5x11
l00f violet & dk V. EA 16.5x12.5
100f dk & lt brown EA 16.5x12.5
100f brown & green EA 16.5x12.5
100f green EA 16.5x12.5
100f yellow green EC 14x11
100f red EC 14x11
1955/8 Les Escaldes
1f indigo EA G 11x13
1f green
2f grey black EA G 12.5x16.5
2f violet & slate EA G 12.5x16.5
2f green EA
2f brown EA 12.5x16.5
Santa Coloma
6f olive EA 16x12.5
6f black EA G 13x12
6f brown EA G 16.5x12.5
6f grey blue EA G 13x12
Croix Gothique
15f dk brown & green EA G 12.5x16.5
(wmk. BFK)
15f black EA G 11x12.5
15f green EA G 12.5xl6.5
15f brown EA G 11x12.5
15f magenta EA G 12.5x16.5
15f deep slate EA G 11x12.5
Les Bons
30f black EA G 11x12.5
Le Valira - Airmail
100f black EA G 11x12.5
100f green EA G 12x16
500f black EA l3.5x11.5
500f violet EC 13.5x10.5
500f pale blue EC 13.5x10.5
500f red brown EC 13.5x10.5
500f claret EC 13.5x10.5
500f yellow EC 13.5x10.5
500f deep red EC 13.5x10.5
500f light brown EC 13.5x10.5
500f greenish blue EC 13.5x10.5
500f bluish green EC 13.5x10.5
500f green EC 13.5x10.5
500f bluish grey EC 13.5x10.5
500f deep green EC 14x11
100f 200f 500f collective proof in black 14.5x9.5
Type A Type B
(6 exist of each type)
1961/- Arms
20c black EA G 15x12
(proof of the stamp, and the two separate parts of the shield)
20c black & yellow EA G 15x12
Croix Gothique Meritxell
25c black EA G 15x12
25c sepia EA G S 16.5x12.5
Lac d'Engolasters
65c black EA G 16.5x12.5
65c bluish green EA G S 16.5x12.5
65c indigo blue EA G S 16.5x12.5
Vallee d'Incles
5f black EA G S 16x12
Postage Dues
- black EE 13.5x11.5
- red brown EE 10x12
4f black
10f black
20f black
l964/7l Timbres Taxe - Flowers
5c maroon * EA G 15x12
lOc grey * EA G 15x12
15c black * EA G 15x12
30c black * EA G 15x12
50c blue grey * EA G 15x12
* refers to colours of inscriptions only; flowers are in issued colours

The first commemorative issue was made on 29th Sept, 1962 (Telstar) and proofs exist for each issue since then. They may be found in black or other colours, and the same proof may exist in different colours. All proofs bear the control seal of the printing works.

Colour Proofs and Colour Trials of the French Post Office in Andorra
- by David Lamb (VT 22/4)

French Bureau Proofs, Essays and Imperforates (Part 1)
- by David Lamb and Alec Jacques (VT 35/4)

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