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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 39, pp1-2 (Apr 1994).

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The APSC 20th Anniversary Souvenirs

Note: the following information on the souvenirs is extracted from the editorial of Valira Torrent, No 39.

Members will probably have realised by now that 1994 marks the 20th Anniversary of the APSC. As we have always been very few in numbers, this is quite a considerable achievement. To mark this event the AGM has been slightly expanded, the details of which have already been circulated. In addition, the Circle has produced two souvenir sheets printed in full colour, and a copy of each (free to members) is enclosed with this bulletin. Additional sheets may be obtained from the Secretary or Editor, price £1 each plus postage (*).

A few brief details of the souvenir sheets may be of some, interest to members. The sheets represent both the French and Spanish postal influence in Andorra, but with a difference!

Souvenir sheet 1

The French sheet is quite straight-forward. The two stamps shown - 1f30 St Jean de Caselles and 3f50 House of the Valleys - are taken from Engraver Die Proofs in this colour. The stamps were printed for use and examples of the perforated sheets are held in the Postal Museum archives in Paris. The 1f50 ultramarine has the coin-daté 30/4/47 and the 3f50 brown is dated 2/5/47. However, due to the postal rates being changed, these values were never issued. The ensemble is cleverly presented in the framework of a modified 1932/3 Bridge of St Anthony design.

Souvenir sheet 2

The subject matter on the Spanish sheet is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as indeed are other similar items that escaped from the Spanish Printing Works (FNMT) over a period of many years. A small portion of the l948 Councillor design in green (a colour not used for the issued stamps) has been seen as an offset impression on the back of a Spanish stamp - the General Franco 90c green issued in 1947. The surround framework is adapted from the San Julia de Loria design of 1929. Both sheets are edged in the colours of the Andorran National Flag.

I think that these two sheets are a fitting tribute to our 20th Anniversary, and also a credit to their designer, David Lamb, and producer Bill Bent. A tremendous amount of thought, time and effort has obviously been taken to produce these attractive and tasteful sheets; so, on behalf of the Circle, "thank you, David and Bill, and congratulations on a job well done!"

The Unissued 20c Green of 1947 - Fact or Fiction?

Note: In addition to the souvenir sheets, Valira Torrent no. 39 included colour illustrations of the presentation material produced by the French P O for the 25th anniversary of the French postal service in Andorra and Valira Torrent no. 40 included colour illustrations of 1961 colour trials.

(*) For current availability of the souvenir sheets and back numbers of Valira Torrent contact W. A. Jacques . Scanned (600 dpi) reproductions of the souvenir material can also be supplied (printed or on disk compressed as self-extracting zip files). Please enquire.
Please note that the print quality of the scanned reproductions may not be quite as good as that of the orginals.

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