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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 37, pp9-10 (April 1992).

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Liebig Cards

by David Lamb

At one of our meetings last year, a member showed a set of these cards which he had acquired. None of those present had previously seen a set although some knew of their existence. As a result of his display a few details have been gathered, which we trust will be of some interest to our members.

The cards were given away free with jars of Liebig's Extract of Beef, and the Andorran set dates from 1912. They were printed by multi-coloured lithography, with considerable precision, on good quality surfaced card. It is not known where they were printed, nor by whom. There are six cards in the set, and they are un-numbered. All the views are based on photographs taken between 1902 and 1906 by Labouche Frères, Toulouse, whose picture postcards are probably known to many members. The set is believed to exist in several lauguage versions, although only the French and Italian versions have so far been seen. Each version is overprinted on the basic coloured card, and the reverse carries a description, together with some advertising matter.

Two curiosities have so far been noted:-

  1. The cards appear to have been printed in sheets, as one would expect, subsequently overprinted as mentioned above, and then guillotined. The Italian cards are inscribed "Riproduzione vietata" (Reproduction prohibited) in the bottom left-hand margin, and "Spiegazione a targo" (Explanation on reverse) at the bottom right. On some French inscribed cards the "tails" of the p's and g's are just visible in the top margin of the cards, suggesting that the sheet of cards was overprinted with several language versions before being cut up.
  2. In both the French and Italian versions, the descriptions on the reverse of two of the cards are transposed (see illustrations). Whether this occurs in other language versions of these two cards is not known at the moment.

Although these cards are not philatelic, many members allow their collecting interests to stray beyond the strict limits of philately, and it is for this reason that we hope these short notes may be of some interest. Any further details that members may be able to add will be much appreciated, and will be published in a future bulletin.

Andorra la Vella and Canillo cards
Andorra la Vella and Canillo cards (reduced from 87 x 55mm)

Check-list of issued cards

Upper Valley of Font-Negre  (inset Typical Andorran)
La Massana (inset Santa Coloma Church)
Sardane, St Julia de Loria (inset Moles Waterfall)
Sant Julia de Loria (inset The Courrier from Seo)
Church, Andorra la Vella (inset Bridge over the Valira)
Canillo (inset House of the Valleys)

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