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Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 37, p2 (April 1993).

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Bureau of Social Security - 25 Years

by David Hope

The year 1992 saw the 25th Anniversary of the setting up of the Social Security system in Andorra. It was established in 1967 from the profits of the French Post Office in Andorra. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary the Social Security Bureau decided to celebrate by presenting sculptures to the seven parishes. Rather surprisingly, they did not use any Andorran sculptors for this project!

The sculptures are as follows:


Three large elements in wood of Belonda (?), the work of Jorge Du Bon and set up in the place called "Roc del Que" on the new route of Canillo - Ordino. It will dominate the whole of the valley of the Eastern Valira.


Elements in Irish oak and mounted on a cement pedestal, this being the work of Michael Warren and set up in the Cortals d'Encamp.


A ring of stainless steel, 12 metres in diameter, the work of Mauro Staccioli and situated in the snow-fields of Arcalis at the foot of the Port Rat.

La Massana

"Storm in a Teacup" is the work of Dennis Oppenheim, and is made from painted iron tubes. It is 13 metres in diameter and is set up on the ski-runs of Pal on the route to the Col de la Botella.

Andorra la Vella

In the reception area of the Bureau of Social Security is a suspended bronze statue, 2.30 metres high, representing a robot with two faces. This is the work of Paul van Hoeydouk. In the Salle d'Exposition at the Government building is the Botanic Garden, a work by Toshimitsu, in homage to Andorra.

Sant Julià de Loria

Situated on the Spanish-Andorran border, near the customs post, is a sculpture 20-metres long in polished aluminium. This is the work of Carlos Cruz Diez.

Les Escaldes-Engordany

A work by Erik Dietman in homage to the Andorran blacksmiths of centuries past. This is a composition of fabricated iron, and is set up in the riu Madriu at the crossroads of the routes to the Comella and to Engolasters, near the Borde d'Entremesaigues.

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