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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 13, pp6-7 (March 1981).

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New Varieties

by W. A. Jacques

French Andorra - 1931 (Category 2 - overprint varieties)

Damaged C

½c and 1c values. On row 5/5 ol the right pane (stamp no. 50) of plate C (cylinder A + C) there is a good constant variety. The "C" in the value tablet is damaged, probably the result of wear to the plate.

Damaged E

Merson High values. It would seem there is at least one constant (or semi-constant) variety on these values. The top Arm of "E" is broken near to the stem. I have seen this variety on the 2f, 5f and 10f values, and it is to be found on the central pane of the sheet row 4/2 (stamp no. 42).

The above varieties are additional to those described in bulletins Nos. 8 & 9.

Spanish Andorra l948/53 issue

A few minor constant varieties have been noted on the three low values printed by photo.

Variety on 2c  Variety on 2c  Variety on 2c

2c value. There is a small break on the inner frame above the "N" of "Andorra". Row 4/4 (stamp no. 34). A patch of colour is to be seen in the second "R" of "Andorra" in addition to a frame break above the "O" of "Correos" row 5/6 (stamp no. 46). There is a spot of colour in the "S" of "CTS" on row 6/4 (stamp no. 54).

Variety on 5c

5c value. Row 6/8 (stamp no. 58) has the variety "vertical scratch of colour through the 5 of 5cts." Variety on 10c

10c value. There is a line of colour through "CTS" on row 10/4 (stamp no. 94).

1pta Airmail

1pta. Airmail. A good constant variety occurs on row 1/9 (stamp no. 9). The central portion of the vertical inner frame line at right is virtually missing, together with some distortion of the stamp design and some thinning of the adjacent outer frame line just below centre. It is difficult to determine the cause of this flaw but it would seem to be in the nature of a weak entry and not damage to the plate.

Spanish Andorra 1963/4 issue

Tele-hoist variety

70c value. The "Tele-hoist on Anyos Meadows" variety is to be found on the central stamp of the sheet row 3/3 (stamp no. 13) and takes the form of a dark line of green colour immediately below the "S" of "CTS". This value was printed from two different plates (or settings) and this variety is only to be found on one of the settings - the corresponding stamp on the other setting is normal.

3 pesetas

3pta. value. Some slight doubling of some of the letters of "Andorra" are to be found on row 2/3 (stamp no. 8) as well as some thickening to the frame at the top left corner. This variety is constant but, again, only occurs on one of the two settings, and is to be found on the sheets with the plate marking 955 (reversed) at the top left corner of sheet. Sheets without plate marking do not have this variety in the corresponding position. It is believed that this variety is due to a basal (transfer) shift during rocking-in of the plate.

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