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Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 13, p5 (March 1981).

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The Flower Stamps of Andorra

by John Mashiter

Yellow Turks Cap

The French Bureau produced two more flower stamps in 1980. On May 19th appeared a 1f30 value showing a lily described in Catalan as Marcolic Groc or yellow Martagon which it is not. It appears to be Lilium Pyrenaicum or Lilium Carniolicum. The leaf formation shown favours the latter, but as carniolicum is a native of the Eastern Alps and is not found in the Pyrenees, we must settle for Lilium Pyrenaicum, the yellow Turks Cap.

It grows singly or in small clumps on cliff pockets and in woodland clearings up to 2,200 metres but is nowhere common. It has been taken as a garden plant to many countries. In cultivation the flower has a rank smell which is not obvious in the wild. This lily is a Pyrenean endemic.

Dogs Tooth Violet

The 1f10 issue of June 23rd shows the Dogs Tooth Violet, Erythronium denscanis, and the Catalan Dent de Gos means Tooth of Dog. The Erythronium is widespread in the Pyrenees up to 2,000 metres and, as the snow melts on the higher slopes at the end of May, whole hillsides are pink with the flowers, often very pleasingly mingled with golden yellow clumps of Primula elation - the true Oxlip. To ripen the bulbs it prefers the drier sunny southern side of the Pyrenees. The bulb is banana shaped and glistening white and looks like a canine tooth, hence the name.

Both stamps were designed by Pierrette Lambert.

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