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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 10, p6 (October 1979).

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1928 Spanish Provisional Overprints (Varieties)

by W. A. Jacques

I have now seen a complete sheet of the 1928 25c value and can confirm that several of the constant overprint varieties (described in Bulletin 3 and illustrated on page 8 of that bulletin) also exist on this stamp. This value was issued perf 12x11½ in sheets of 200 (20x10). The following varieties have been noted - the figures in brackets correspond to the illustration in bulletin number 3:-

(1) Missing north west dot R3/6, R4/6
(2) Missing south west dot R5/1, R6/1
(3) Blurred "RR" of "CORREOS" R1/7
(4) Broken "ANDORRA" R6/3
(5) Broken "AND" of "ANDORRA" R6/4
(8 & 10) Minor breaks on top rule
(11A) Broken top rule and damaged dots R1/10

All these varieties are to be found on the left half of the sheet. It will be noted that all these varieties occur exactly as per the 2c/20c values, and that these large 25c value sheets of 200 subjects were overprinted with two different type settings of 100 (or, possibly, two different stages of the same setting). The right half of the sheet is devoid of varieties with one exception. On R6/16 the missing south west dot variety occurs in conjunction with a much shortened top rule immediately below the variety. This same stamp also shows the letters "ORR" of "ANDORRA" broken but it is not known if the varieties on this stamp are constant, or are a result of some foreign matter (Spanish! !) temporarily stuck between sheet and flat plate.

It is also interesting to note that the missing north west dot variety (1) has been found on a 10c value (control number A000,101) perf 14. The discovery of this variety on a stamp of this perforation was somewhat fortuitous to say the least. Whilst on holiday in Andorra last year, Elaine had disappeared into one of the many large departmental stores (I think it was Pyrenees) in Andorra la Vella, leaving Simon and I waiting outside the shop. As we both knew my wife's shopping excursions only too well, and neither of us had any intention of been fried to a frazzle in the Avenida Meritxell, we crossed the road to examine some large coloured picture cards. A friend at home had asked me to buy him a nice picture or two and these seemed just the job. We found five or six we liked, paid for them, and began to leave the shop. It was then I noticed a stand of packeted Andorran stamps. There was obviously some considerable time to pass before Elaine would emerge from across the road, so we decided to have a closer look at the packets. They were all the same perhaps 25 or 30 of them, each containing some eight stamps i.e. 2c, 5c, 10c of 1928 and the 2, 5, 10c of 1948 (mint) plus the 20c, 25c used of 1948. The price was 300pts. (£2) per packet, not really cheap to say the least, especially as I later found out that the mint were not mint at all - they were unused, without gum!

However, that was by the way, as I immediately spotted that the 2c and 10c of 1928 were perforated 14. Ye Gods!! Perhaps some of the 5c values would be perf 14 too? There was, of course, no logic to this supposition, just the immediate thought, in the heat of the day, that perhaps that's where most of the 1928 5c perf 14 stamps went into not so cheap packets. (Readers will need no reminder that only 2 sheets, 200 stamps, of the 5c perf 14 are known). Alas! it was not to be, but because of my careful scrutiny I noticed a packet with the 10c with missing dot variety. My day was complete, the first time I had seen one of these varieties other than on a stamp perf 13x12½. Gladly I paid my 300pts. and we toddled off back across the Avenida Meritxell to find Elaine under a mountain of shopping. Dear wife!

Typist's (Elaine) Note: It is all a tale re my shopping trip. I bought nothing and had been waiting and looking for my family for 15 mins or so, and I began to think I had been deserted for some Andorran lady of loose virtue. How ever would I get home to England's green and pleasant land?

Spanish Andorra - The Provisional Issue of 1928
1928 Varieties

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